Low Life
Low Life
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Low Life

Dirtee Money
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noun, plural low·lifes.
A low-life is a term for a person who is considered morally unacceptable by their community.

Examples of people society often labels low-lives include aggressive, bullies, criminals, drug dealers, gangsters, people associated with adhering to low culture, people who make constant use of profanities, prostitutes, pimps, fraudsters, racketeers, bootleggers, substance abusers, and thieves. 

Dirtee strippers and hard liquor.

You know the drill fam, all Dirtee Money garments are limited runs. so once they are gone, they are gone.

Every Dirtee design colour combo has a maximum of only 20 prints ever made.

5 x L - 5 x XL - 5 x 2XL - 5 x 3XL And that's it

When you buy a dir-tee you are buying 3 things. Quality, Exclusivity and a piece of Art.

Measurements Length x Width (cm)

L - 77 x 56

XL - 80 x 61

XXL - 83 x 66

XXXL - 85 x 68