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Cash is a beautiful Dirtee deceitful little bitch that makes some of us crazy and some of us rich, makes some of us kill and some of us die for it.

Some people have it and some people don’t, little pieces of paper that enable you to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

Enable you to eat, sleep, get high, feel low and some of us feel worthless and sad when we don’t have it. Cash is king.

 Please note all Dirtee Money garments are limited runs. so once they are gone, they are gone.

Every Dirtee Money design colour combo has only 20 prints ever made.

5 x M - 5 x L - 5 x XL - 5 x XXL And that's it

When you buy a dirtee you are buying 3 things. Quality, Exclusivity and a piece of Art.

Measurements Length x Width (cm)

M - 74 x 51

L - 77 x 56

XL - 80 x 61

XXL - 83 x 66